Steve Gerrard’s Wedding Photography Course

Now, for those of you who aren’t photographers, if I said to you that I went on a wedding photography course that was (a) run by Steve Gerrard (b) held in an old custard factory and (c)  involved taking photographs of a bride and groom on a heap of rubble underneath a railway arch, you might think I was a little bit barmy. Well,  that’s exactly what I got up to a couple of weeks ago (and happily I’ve got pictures to prove it!).

The Steve Gerrard in question isn’t of course the footballer, but a wedding photographer and a very talented one at that.  His photographs work so well because they seem to reflect the person he is – edgy, a bit quirky, laid back, with a good splash of humour mixed in for good measure.   His style brings something a little different to the table, and it was really interesting to see him work and hear about the business side of things.  He talked us through a whole range of topics, from his inspirations, to marketing, to post-processing.  All really useful for people looking to build a wedding photography business, though of course the best part of the day was when we got to get our cameras out and photograph the loveliest couple – Chara & James – around the streets of Digbeth.

There were about 10 other photographers on the day, which is a smaller group than on other courses I’ve been to.  We all got some time to shoot away, but with everyone trying to get The Shot, you sometimes had to get a bit sneaky and grab what you could, when you could.  That was cool though, because one of the things that Steve’s way of photography inspires you to do is to try something a little bit different, and play around with the way you see your surroundings.  Sometimes it works…

Other times, mmm, yeah, not so much…(I’m gutted that Chara’s gorgeous face got so distorted here!)

If you’re a wedding photographer looking for a course that will really help and inspire you, this is definitely one to consider.  I came away from it buzzing and with 101 ideas about how to move my business on and really give my brides and grooms something different.  Many thanks to Steve for hosting a wonderful day.


7 thoughts on “Steve Gerrard’s Wedding Photography Course

  1. Aww, lovely shots, Lady. I absolutely loved that course for so many reasons. Steve was so candid, genuine and fun. I came away buzzing too. Plus I got to meet lovely people like you. Jackpot. 🙂

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