New Feature >> The Friday Click >> Morning

I’m excited to introduce a new project feature today called The Friday Click.  Yep, the title is suitably cryptic and non-explanatory but it’s (a) photography-based and (b) open to everyone!

The idea is every Friday I’ll announce a project word or phrase.  You have 7 days to interpret that word or phrase however you like, and take however many photos you like based on it. It can be one image, it can be one hundred images.  Then the following Friday you post those images on your blog and let us know you’ve done so by leaving a link on Mr Linky (I really, REALLY hope I get that to work! Where’s my IT department when I need one…!).  If you have time, please leave comments for the other lovely people who’ve taken part.

As a test, I’ve roped in a couple of my friends to join in this week and I really hope you’ll go check out their sites.  The word was:


Just one image from me this week as it sums up what my morning is about. I struggle until I’ve had my breakfast and cup of English Breakfast.  A little bit grumpy and a bit clumsy….until the caffeine and sugar kick in and then it’s all good.

The word for next week is:  YELLOW.  Go on, join in, you know you want to 🙂


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