New Business Cards from Moo!!

Can anyone explain to me why getting business cards done is so exciting?  You know the scene in American Psycho, where a bunch of suits are sat around a table comparing business cards?  I have to confess, it was a little like that here at HQ last week when my delivery of new cards plopped through the letterbox (without the slicked-back hair, of course!).

Most photographers and small business owners will be familiar with Moo, the online printing company who provide a brilliant range of customisable products for businesses just like mine.  You can print a different photo on each individual card – perfect for photographers wanting to showcase their range of work!

Anyways, without further ado, I present my cards… Straight-cornered. AR Bonnie font. Recycled paper.

This is one of my favourites, an image from an engagement shoot I did.  The colours just look fab – doesn’t her coat just pop?  You might recognise the image from one of my blog headers, I love it so much.

And of course you can’t have new business cards without a new business card holder.  A hot pink business card holder, of course…!



4 thoughts on “New Business Cards from Moo!!

    • I so agree about the recycled paper, there’s something lovely and parchmenty about it isn’t there? (I know parchmenty isn’t a word, sorry Mrs P (my 6th form English teacher who will never read this, but somehow I suspect would be in a fit of rage)).

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