Fashion >> Urban v Retro Fashion Show for MakeUp2Dazzle

A Tuesday night and I’m scuttling across Tower Bridge, wishing the wind wasn’t blowing my hair into a big old mess.  I’m not normally that fussed about the state of my barnet, but I do like to look smart when I’m on a job…and when the job is photographing a fashion show, well, let’s just say I wished I brought a hairbrush with me!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the brilliant Marcia of MakeUp2Dazzle to photograph the Urban v Retro Fashion Show, along with my friend and fellow photographer Cristina Rossi.  Organised  by Goat Girl Events, the show featured four different designers, numerous outfit changes and had no less than 14 different models.   We started off backstage, getting shots of the girls getting beautified by the lovely MakeUp2Dazzle team:

Though one of my favourite photos is this little sneaky one through the window:

And it wasn’t long before the  models were ready to go.

To see a full set of photos please go to my FB page.

Big thanks to Marcia and her team, Goat Girl Events, all the talented designers (including Riina Oun and Jason Ellis) and all the models.



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