Personal >> Autumn in France

Last week, I took advantage of a £18-return Ryanair flight and went to visit my parents in France for a few days.  I ate, I read, I edited, I sat in the sun and watched birds and squirrels go about their daily business.  It was glorious.  Unfortunately I didn’t have Bobby Kamora with me (my camera, named after the footballer Bobby Zamora for no particular reason) but I had fun trying out my parents’ Nikon point and shoot.  Yeah, it was ok, but not a patch on Bobby.  Still, one or two photos for you!  Most are straight out of camera and unedited, which is probably rather silly of me but they’re just simple photos. Nothing fancy.

As you can see, Autumn has definitely arrived in France – even though the summer heat has left for the year, everything is still gloriously golden and warm.

The garden is abundant with figs and walnuts and chestnuts this time of year, and the squirrels are running riot in their pre-Winter gathering madness.    Well, not only the squirrels…

Happy Autumn everyone! x


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