Rock the Frock >> Lizzii & James’ Hong Kong Shoot

OK, there are probably 101 things on my To Do list which need attention before I blog this shoot, but you know what?  It’s got trams! A feather dress! It’s on location in Hong Kong! 101 other things can wait…

Engagement/couples shoots are BIG (I mean B.I.G.) in Southeast Asia and I’ve been wanting to do one on location there for absolutely ages now.  Lizzii and James got married this summer in China but didn’t have any photos done in Hong Kong where they live.  I was over visiting family and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a shoot in one of the most photogenic cities in the world!

Big thanks to Lizzii and James who are utter superstars, and honestly were so naturally lovely together I didn’t really need to do any directing at all.  Can we just have a moment to admire Lizzii’s two dresses?  My favourite one is the one with the feather train andwhich she DESIGNED HERSELF (talented, much?). I really hope you guys love the photos as much as I do.  Also big thanks to Karly Cox for being an invaluable assistant and all round megastar.  Right, enough chitchat….


21 thoughts on “Rock the Frock >> Lizzii & James’ Hong Kong Shoot

  1. Awesome photos, really love the feather dress too! She is amazing. fav shots has to be the ‘in the crowd’ b&w and the night glass bridge (i think it looks like a bridge). lovely and fab. Location shoots are looking promising! xxx

    • Thank you so much!! Really appreciate it Mel! Yeah, the bridge ones are secretly some of my faves too, because I was convinced they weren’t going to turn out and then when they did I was over the moon. It took someone on the end of a mobile to give my directions over the phone because I was on an opposite bridge lol xx

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