Personal >> Random Portrait…

In my spare time I’ve been collaborating with a friend and singer/songwriter on a project of hers.  Rest assured I have no involvement on the musical side (this is a very good thing, I’m completely tone deaf) but when she asked me to take a few photos for the project how could I say no?

So, just one frame from one of our adventures last week.  No description or explanation but I love it as a simple portrait anyway. Oh to be so young and so full of conviction!


Designer Wedding Show – Kelly Spence Bridal Accessories

On Saturday I pottered down to the Designer Wedding Show in Battersea to catch up with a few wedding industry people and to take some photos for Kelly Spence Bridal Accessories who was exhibiting at the show.  I first discovered Kelly’s stunning pieces when she loaned us a few items for the Neon Bridal shoot I photographed, organised by Want That Wedding.  She also loaned some gorgeous ones for my recent Paris engagement shoot  (the full shoot will be making an appearance on the blog soon!).  Check out this utterly inspired piece which was paired with a Lisa Redman dress on the DWS catwalk. Incredible, no? I’ve honestly seen nothing else like it, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

I also love the simplicity of this birdcage veil, teamed with a Louise Selby dress.


Later on in the afternoon I managed to catch up with Mel of Homegrown Bride and meet Ciara of  Wed in London and Laura Jayne of Your Wedding Your Way.  All lovely ladies with new and exciting wedding blogs – always fab to put faces to twitter chat! 🙂  (And thank you so much Homegrown Bride for the GC Couture cupcake – it was just the ticket when I got home!  They make NUTELLA wedding cakes – which is possibly the most genius thing ever.)


Personal >> My Favourite Winter Warmer!

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I don’t do very well in the cold!  In winter I’ll either be found indoors by a radiator or michelin-manned in about a hundred woollies.  That’s not to say I don’t like winter. I’m a massive fan of open fireplaces and endless cups of tea and I’m convinced that my winter wardrobe is a lot better than my summer one….it’s just the tiny matter of the cold….

One of my favourite ways to warm up is this chai latte receipe, given to me a few years ago by the  the lovely Jane Branney.  When I used to work in the City, my office bestie and I would often scuttle down to Starbucks after lunch for a sneaky chai latte, and every time I have one now it reminds me of how much I miss chatting to her (can we have a collective awww!).  This version is pretty awesome, and well worth your time.  It’ll definitely give you the wow factor if you’re doing any Christmas hosting this year.

And now seems like a good time to say a big THANKYOU to Cristina who gave me this lovely mini handwarmer, for my long walks with fingerless photographer’s gloves!  HOW cute?!

What are your favourite winter recipes?


*These photos were edited with Lisa Devlin’s Vintage Actions, which was part of an almighty goody bag we received on The Photography Farm.  I’ve been having a play around with them this afternoon and I’m struggling to pick a favourite, they’re all so cute.  What do you think of this one?

Personal >> Travel Photography >> Nepal

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what got me into photography in the first place.  I can’t honestly say that I was wielding an SLR out of nappies (if I’m being honest, for most of my gangly & awkward teenage years I avoided cameras as best I could).  Then in my early twenties I caught the travelling bug, and that’s when I really got how amazing photography could be.

This time last year, I was 3,800m up in the Himalayas, eating yak cheese and hiking above the cloudline.  Of course I had to bring Bobby Kamora with me.

This is the village of Kyanjin Gompa, about as middle of nowhere as you’ll get, about 8km from the Tibetan border and about a 3 day hike from the closest town.   Houses are insulated with yak dung and people wash their clothes in glacial streams.  Electricity? Only if you’re very, very lucky.  It’s one of the places that really blew me away, and thank god for photography because my memory’s so bad, give it a few years and I’d have forgotten what it looked like. (And, considering the bus trip to get to the trail head was as close to death as I’ve ever come, I’m never likely to go back!).

It’s  a different world.  Little runny-nosed boys help their mothers with the industrious task of knitting…

… livestock is herded through the “high street” before being sacrificed for religious festivities….

…and wild horses roam free amongst prayer flags and dilapidated Buddhist monasteries .

(Is that horse smiling? I swear he is. But then if I were a horse and lived there, I probably would too.)

The village itself is breathtaking, and from about 3pm clouds roll in from the other end of the valley and blankets it in white.

Oh, and just when you’re thinking the place can’t get any better, you need to know there’s a cheese factory.  A yak cheese factory, of course.

Before you ask, it’s pretty yummy.  And yak-herding does seem a rather pleasant past time, don’t you think?

The village mainly consists of elderly people and young kids, mainly because folks of school and working age would move down to the towns to educate themselves and make a living.  I did wonder what it’d be like to grow up in a world so completely on the edge of civilisation.  After some careful observation, it seems that it involves (a) flying a lot of kites with your dad, whilst wearing matching snazzy jumpers….

(b) trying to kick chickens

and (c) generally being very cute (but very, very snotty)

Yeah.  The Langtang Valley is a really beautiful place…

When people ask, I tell them they should definitely make the trip there at least once in their lives…if they can hack the 8 hour bus trip on this bad boy that is 🙂

Oh wait, did I say 8 hours? I meant 13…

I’m still glad I went. 🙂

The Friday Click >> Oops-a-daisy

Apologies everyone, due to suddenly being crazy-busy I haven’t managed to do last week’s Friday Click.   Poor show on my part, but fortunately a couple of the other girls have knocked it out of the park.  Do check out Tracey Barrow’s  incredible submission and Heline Bekker’s work of art.  I love it when I see things that are really pushing the boundaries of photography!

The next Friday Click project is going to be on the theme of MOVEMENT.  You have 2 weeks  to work on this project though, because I think this is going to be a fun one and potentially fab.  So your entries please on Friday 2nd September (September?! How are we nearly in September already?!)

Things are getting really exciting here in the office, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some news with you soon.  I’ll have a gorgeous little post up shortly full of Jane Austen inspired eye-candy.  Even if you’ve seen some of my photos on FB already, you haven’t seen the fight scene yet (yes – Jane Austen fight scene!) so keep your eyes peeled for that!


New Business Cards from Moo!!

Can anyone explain to me why getting business cards done is so exciting?  You know the scene in American Psycho, where a bunch of suits are sat around a table comparing business cards?  I have to confess, it was a little like that here at HQ last week when my delivery of new cards plopped through the letterbox (without the slicked-back hair, of course!).

Most photographers and small business owners will be familiar with Moo, the online printing company who provide a brilliant range of customisable products for businesses just like mine.  You can print a different photo on each individual card – perfect for photographers wanting to showcase their range of work!

Anyways, without further ado, I present my cards… Straight-cornered. AR Bonnie font. Recycled paper.

This is one of my favourites, an image from an engagement shoot I did.  The colours just look fab – doesn’t her coat just pop?  You might recognise the image from one of my blog headers, I love it so much.

And of course you can’t have new business cards without a new business card holder.  A hot pink business card holder, of course…!