Royal Photographic Society Wedding Course

One of the best things about being a photographer has to be the unpredictability of what you’re going to be doing from one day to the next.  About 6 months ago I signed up to the Royal Photographic Society’s wedding photography course and a confirmation letter landed on my doormat a few days later.  Right at the very bottom of a surprisingly short list of gear, it read:

Bring wellington boots. There will be some river wading”.


The course ran over a weekend and packed quite a lot in –  from practical, hands-on, river-wading photography skills, to the finer points of running a photography business.   Here’s one of my favourite shots of the weekend, taken in an old converted barn, using some snazzy portable lighting.

Before you ask, no – there isn’t a photo of me paddling about in my £10 Decathlon wellies. And even if there were, I won’t be showing it here. 🙂