Town Hall Hotel

Really happy that the amazing Town Hall Hotel are using my Vintage Glam shoot photographs on the events page of their website!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m totally in love with that venue.  If you’re a bride looking for a unique London venue go check it out.

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Wedding >> Shelby & Rob’s Bijou London Winter Wedding

I’m excited to be able to share this lovely bijou wedding I second shot for my friend Cris Rossi a few weeks ago.  Shelby & Rob had such a fun and laid back day, and I think it really shows in the photographs!

We turned up early to catch Shelby’s bridal preparations, and I have to confess, bridal prep is one of my favourite parts of the entire day.   I love all that pent-up emotion and nervous excitement, and the way that everything is laid out and ready to go.

I’m not very knowledgeable about flowers and I have no idea what this type of flower is called but doesn’t it make for a really unique boutonniere?

And, as a cat and dog lover, Shelby and Rob’s house was an absolute blast to photograph….how cute?

This is one of my favourite photos – Shelby and her flower girls calmly having a game of ring a ring of roses while waiting for the Registrar’s interview.

Even though it was crisply cold day, all the guests gave us their best smiles for the group photos….

Well, almost all the guests. 😉  (but it WAS rather cold)

Fortunately it wasn’t long before everyone moved to the evening reception which was gloriously cosy and candlelit.

Ruby joined in for the first dance…

And it wasn’t long before the kids took over the rest of the dancefloor. Love it.


Thanks to Cris for having me second shoot and a big, big thank you to Shelby & Rob for letting me share their day with them.  You guys are so much fun and I wish you every happiness in the future!

WEDDING >> Caroline & Lewis’ London Wedding

Flashback to a couple of months ago – it’s a glorious summer’s day and I’m about to start second shooting for the mega talented Lisa Devlin (Lisa probably doesn’t need any introduction to anyone who knows even a little weeny bit about wedding photography in the UK! If you’re in any doubt, she’s currently the BJP’s wedding photographer of the year, and to say I jumped at the chance to work with her is a bit of an understatement).

While Lisa is on the other side of London photographing Caroline’s bridal prep, I’m in North London to get some shots on Lewis’ side.    The flat is absolutely lovely and totally my cup of tea – muted greys and graphical patterns everywhere – and I know it’s going to be a good day for snapping away.

Lewis and his groomsmen managed to schedule some time for a quick trip to the pub en route to the ceremony…

The ceremony is at, funnily enough, Burgh House in Hampstead- a venue I was to shoot in again a few weeks later.  Guests are treated to one of the cutest Programme of Events I’ve ever seen.

It’s not long before Caroline arrives and she looks absolutely amazing in a dress she’s designed herself and a flower headpiece she made herself…that morning!

And then, tea and cake before we head out to take some couple’s shots around the cobbled streets of Hampstead.

Guests are whisked away for the evening’s festivities by an old skool Routemaster bus…

and soon the party begins at 6 St Chad’s Place in King’s Cross.  The bar is gorgeously decorated with loads of little homemade touches – at the end of the evening I’m trying to convince Caroline that she has a future in wedding styling! Oh, and did someone say an OREO WEDDING CAKE?!

To see more of this lovely wedding head on over to Rock n Roll Bride’s feature or Lisa’s post!

Big congratulations to Caroline & Lewis and thank you so much to you guys and Lisa for having me along on the day.  I really loved every minute of it, it was such a dream to photograph and I wish you guys all the happiness in the world.

WEDDING>> Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Barker!

It’s early afternoon in Hampstead and I’m at Burgh House waiting for Annie & Ed’s wedding to begin.  My second shooter Cris and I have been exchanging nervous looks for the past fifteen minutes because the weather’s playing games with us – one minute it’s glorious, the next grey clouds roll over threateningly.  Guests start to arrive, as Michael the pianist plays them in with a  touch of Schubert.

Soon, Ed arrives. He’s calm as, and beaming.  His adorable daughter shows me the flower girl bag Annie’s made especially for the occasion.  It’s pink, and floral and, most importantly she tells me, it’s reversible!  The bag is too cute (not surprising as Annie is the brains and talent behind The Village Haberdashery, a London-based fabric and knitting shop opening soon).  We inspect the petals inside and I ask whether she’s nervous? She shakes her head: nah.

Shortly after, Annie’s here looking totally amazing.  I spend the rest of the day wondering which Hollywood star she reminds me of.   Oh and the shoes! Hot pink Manolos.  You read that right :  Hot. Pink. Manolos.  Fabulous doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I squeal inwardly (and probably outwardly too, sorry Annie!).

Suddenly, it’s time.  Guests take their seats and then break into smiles as the doors are opened.   The ceremony is brief, but utterly lovely.

Champagne and congratulatory hugs fill the reception room and garden at Burgh House.   Some of Annie’s family have flown a long, long way to celebrate the big day and everyone looks so happy to be there.

While the sky looks clear, we take a few group photos, then whisk Annie & Ed away for a few couples shots.  I know I’m biased, but I think they look amazing together!!

Meanwhile, back at the venue, the guests have struck up an impromptu singalong with the help of the pianist.  Awesome.  Can we have guests like this at every wedding please?

As evening sets in, the party moves on to The Stag.

Annie’s changed into a gorgeous stripey 50’s inspired dress, with little bow details down the front….

…and food and drink seem to cover every available surface!

Thank you so much to Annie & Ed for letting me photograph their big day for them!!  It honestly was such a fun, laid-back affair it was an absolute pleasure to be part of.  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!


Ceremony venue : Burgh House
Reception venue : The Stag
Shoes : Manolo Blahnik
Second shooter : Cristina Rossi