Personal >> Random Portrait…

In my spare time I’ve been collaborating with a friend and singer/songwriter on a project of hers.  Rest assured I have no involvement on the musical side (this is a very good thing, I’m completely tone deaf) but when she asked me to take a few photos for the project how could I say no?

So, just one frame from one of our adventures last week.  No description or explanation but I love it as a simple portrait anyway. Oh to be so young and so full of conviction!


The Friday Click >> Yellow

Today’s Friday Click is brought to you by the colour yellow!

As I’m posting the photo above, I realise I might have to make a little confession.   Most people organise their books by genre, or by alphabetical order of the author’s name.  Me? I order my books by colour.  Weird but true. It just looks nicer that way, and I still know exactly where everything is.

The beads on the left I very rarely wear these days, which is a shame because they’re so unique.  I bought them off a Brazilian lady with a really smiley face who had a stall in Spitalfields market a few years back.  When I went to Rio a few months later, I took them with me!  They’ve got a lot of airmiles, those beads.

NEXT WEEK’s Friday Click is entitled SUMMERTIME.  As I’m hoping it’ll be a really fun project, you’ll have TWO weeks to take your photos (I’m also off on holiday this coming week, conveniently!  😉 ) so please take your time getting some really lovely summery snaps and post them on the 12th August.  Don’t forget to leave some comment love for the other participants – you can see who they are once they’ve added themselves to Mr Linky at the bottom of this post.

To get you into the mood, here’s  Messrs Prince and Jeff (?!) with, I think you’ll all agree, an absolutely classic chooooooon: